Having fun learning and practicing watercolors just got easier!

You’re just a second away from the essential training, advices and supporting community you need to learn watercolor painting!

“Whether you’re an individual who wants to learn watercolor online, an artist who wants to improve his skills, or just a hobbyist who would like to paint on a regular basis and get personal feedback, this community & lessons are for you!”
- Yana & Lesly, creators of LearnWatercolors.net

Watercolors courses

Beginner or already experimented you will find a classes of watercolors painting that will fit your need. We add new class every month as well as masterclass with experts.

Weekly painting

LWC is not a "pay and go" type of watercolor course. It's a community where every week your teachers will prepare a painting project you can share and get a feedback about.

Real feedback

You will not be left alone in a list of course videos with LWC. Your dedicated teachers are there for you to help succeed with your artistic goals. You will get real and personal feedback on every step of the way.


What make LWC different is our community where you can get help and feedback at anytime during your learning of watercolors. Your peer and your teachers answers your questions.

DIY courses

Go further with your creations by uploading your pieces in an online portfolio, creating t-shirt or mug or even selling on Etsy or other marketplaces.

No strings attached

We add content, new classes and invite artists to teach masterclass regularly, but you can signup and leave LWC at any time. We will always happy to have you back when you want it and you will find your account ready to go.

Meet your teachers

Yana and Lesly are both passionate about art in many different forms of it. Lesly is a skilled graphic designer and a digital artist. Yana is a watercolor artist with about 10 years of experience behind her back. She's tried different techniques and approaches to watercolor. She hosted weekly workshops in Thailand, organized classes and art-events in different countries of Asia and Europe, and also teaches art online.

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