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You can watch this watercolor course today starting from $7.97

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Do you feel the spirit of Christmas? It is never too early to set the mood right!

We are excited to paint this lovely Christmas wreath in this course together. It is tailored for people with some experience in watercolor however beginners will also feel comfortable because Yana explains every single step and stroke.


  • Discussing how to “build up” a wreath: proportions, perfect (not really) circles, realistic decor and tricks to simplify your sketch.
  • Sketching a wreath using prep you find at home. You can also download a printable outline of our wreath and trace it on your watercolor paper.
  • Selecting paints that will fit our goals best, mixing different colors to find perfect tones for our painting, discussing color mixing rules.
  • Mastering layering technique to achieve realistic look of our Christmas wreath.
  • Using light and shadow to create volume on Christmas balls and other wreath decorations.

If you would like to get a personalized feedback for your painting, don’t forget to submit it after completing the course. Yana is happy to review your work.

Happy holidays!