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Do you like doodling?
Today we take a few minutes to doodle 3 cute animals. It is fun, easy, relaxing and fast! 

The course is meant for beginners. 
All reference photos are included in “Materials” sections in each lesson.

Our heroes: a piglet, a chipmunk, an otter.
They are cute already on photos, but in doodles – it is going to be a cuteness attack! 


  • Select materials for your doodles.
  • Create light and loose sketches with your pen. Minimum control!
  • Apply watercolor on your pen doodle.
  • Use your knowledge of layering to create shadows.
  • Enjoy and have fun creating these super cute characters!

This is not a usual course where we spend hours on working the details, volumes, and tones. Today we play and sketch, and create emotional characters in a relatively loose style.