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Welcome to our Exotic Fruit Series! Learn how to paint various tropical fruits one by one in a series of short courses while improving your watercolor skills!

This is the second course from the series, and we paint exotic papaya!


– How to draw the shape of papaya – whole or cut in two.

– Main materials to paint papaya.

– Colors you need to paint papaya and how to combine paint to achieve harmonious color mixes.

– Practicing wet on dry and wet on wet techniques.

– Use layering technique to achieve depth in your artwork.

– How to integrate realistic background into your painting and make it look realistic.

– And more!


We’ve prepared 10 courses that are interconnected: during the first 9 courses, we will discover techniques and secrets of painting various fruits step by step.

We will release each course one after another so you are not overwhelmed with the amount of content.

Following this course series, you will paint 9 single fruits: watermelon, papaya, dragon fruit, passion fruit, star fruit, figs, guava, mango, durian.

After painting each fruit separately and mastering watercolor techniques, we will release course #10 where you will apply all previous knowledge learned into a masterpiece!

We will compose our own piece and paint all the fruits we’ve been practicing during this tropical fruit series!

At the end of THIS course, you will get a lovely postcard-size painting of papaya.

And by the end of this course series, you will have 9 little postcard artworks of different exotic fruits AND a large masterpiece with all the fruits you’ve been practicing!

Your skills will improve gradually while you are having fun painting fruits!

Let’s start!