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Ready to combine wet-on-wet technique with layering, negative space, pigment lifting, and others? In this course, you will try it all!

Let’s paint a beautiful green field with poppy flowers in the sunset light. You will face a few challenges:

  • how to softly connect different colors leading a viewer from the sky to the mountains and to the field.
  • how to integrate poppy flowers into a very watery and impressionistic background.
  • how to create a feeling of depth using the knowledge of perspective painting.
  • how to work on grass in the field making it look natural and chaotic at the same time.

In this course you will also observe Yana fixing her mistakes: the sky didn’t turn out the way she wanted. It is very difficult to “repaint” watercolor especially when it is about the clear & transparent sky.

This course is meant for intermediate-level artists. However if you are a beginner and up for a challenge – jump right in, as Yana explains every single step she takes.