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Looking for ways to paint a landscape in a loose style?

While it might seem easy, lots of people struggle with “letting go”. In this course, you will find out how to allow your paint to move freely while controlling what’s going on in your painting on a larger scale.


– We’ll discuss a strategy: composing your image, selecting the focal point, color choice, techniques.

– Working mainly with wet-on-wet technique to lay down the foundation of our loose landscape.

– Using additional layering and detailing to bring out the windmill and important elements of the painting.

– Turning a complicated reference into a simple artwork, but making it look complicated!

– Organically combining impressionistic style with realistic details.

– Using additional tools such as masking liquid, gel pen etc.


This course is meant for intermediate-level students who already know basic watercolor techniques and understand color mixing principles. 

However, this course is available for beginners too if you are up for a challenge. Every step is demonstrated and explained!