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Paint Palm Leaves Watercolor

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This is not just another palm leaves painting. Why? Because here we will dive much deeper into the secrets of color mixing, discover ways to create depth, use multiple watercolor techniques (almost all of them), and create a realistic and bright watercolor painting of tropical leaves in a flat lay.

This is a pretty long course (15 lessons) loaded with information for intermediate-level artists and requires patience. Are you ready?


– How to sketch and organize your leaves on paper: composition and flat-lay specifics.

– How to use wet-on-wet techniques to achieve soft color transitions and create nice underpaintings.

– How to confidently add new layers without destroying the previous ones.

– How to select the best paints to create winning green tones for your leaves.

– How to naturally connect leaves in the composition to avoid sharp edges and hard lines. Only organic looks! 

– How to integrate realistic background into your painting.

– And more!

Do not worry about your sketch, if you don’t feel confident drawing your pencil sketch – use our downloadable outlines (dark and line). Both are attached in the Materials section in the Sketching lesson.

Let’s start!

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