January 2019

novice to beginner watercolor crash course

join these 4 weeks, 12 online & offline workshops & 30 hours of learning.
only 10 seats available


“This is a unique course format that provides essential theoretical and practical knowledge on watercolor in a simple & fun way to people who never painted before. This course allows students to gradually improve their skills from level “zero” to “beginner” with personalized teacher’s feedback and supervision.”

– Yana & Lesly, creators of LearnWatercolors.net

Only 10 seats are available!









It was a first time I tried watercolor, and I am happy it looks like a photo reference, it was a lot due to Yana’s help. She explained different techniques and how to mix colors, what brushes to use for different textures. I really look forward to try it again!

Regular attendee

The best about the workshop, above meeting all these great people, is that Yana gives me so much confidence, real focus when coming to the classes every week and practicing at home!

What’s inside?

12 online & offline workshops 

The course consists of 12 workshops: 1 group class, 2 individual classes with a teacher, 3 comprehensive videos on art supplies and 6 online classes with mandatory home tasks & personal teacher’s feedback. 

Each workshop has a structure: theoretical part, exercises to back up the theory and painting an actual artwork in watercolor step by step under teacher’s guidance. Each student will get access to the online courses dashboad after the sign up. Courses will be “open” for watching one after another on a specific day according to the schedule. Students will have access to online lessons only for the duration of this Crash Course (1 month), the access will be closed after the graduation party. 

Individual classes with a teacher

In this course you will have a chance to paint with a teacher one on one and have all the attention just for yourself! We offer 2 private sessions: after each 3 online classes you’ll meet with the teacher to perform a beautiful artwork together in a cozy coffeeshop in Nimman area. Use the chance to ask all the questions regarding your learning journey and cover the gaps you might have in watercoloring without depending on a group.


Eventho each class will be supplemented with exercises, you will also receive a home task according to the topic discovered at the class. As a student you will have your account on our learning platform where you can watch lessons and submit homework to each online class. Each homework will be reviewed by the teacher personally. With such an approach you will paint every day, and see impressive results by the end of the course!

Private Facebook Group

All participants will be able to communicate in a Facebook private group. Here you can exchange thoughts regarding the class or homework, publish your “work in progress” snapshots, receive help/advice from the teacher, and get support from fellow artists.

Grand project

12 workshops will give you all the basic knowledge you need to be comfortable with watercolor, and progress to the next level! Use the knowledge and skills you’ve gained to paint your very own Grand Project. Choose your favorite topic and show all you can. Don’t worry, the teacher will help you each step of the way. Present your Work at Graduation party!

Graduation party

Our final meeting all together as a group to discuss the impressions from the course, ask final questions, and of course present your Grand project over drinks in a relaxing atmosphere of the bar!

January 01 to 07

Lessons week 01

Online class

Choose your Watercolors

Explore different watercolor brands, learn about pigments & watercolor qualities, choose your own set

Online class

Choose your brushes

See all brushes we use and choose brushes for your best set and for specific painting.

Online class

choose the best paper

Learn different types of paper and best brands for various watercolor techniques.

January 07 to 14

Lessons week 02

Jan 07: Group class

Introduction to watercolor

All you need to know to start painting with watercolor! Main features, important qualities, basic techniques. We will just play with paints & practice few simple exercises to give you confidence in this media.

Jan 09: Online class

First washes

Learn what “wash” is, and how to apply your first layers of watercolor. Discover how to blend colors, pull and extend paint, create flat/gradated/mixed washes. Easy & simple exercises are waiting for you!

Jan 11: Online class

applying layers

Learn how to create transparent layers and build up tones and depth on your paitning. Paint simple artworks using different layering techniques.

January 14 to 21

Lessons week 03

Jan 14: Online class

Realistic objects

Let’s use the knowledge we’ve gained and create our first realistic painting! Meanwhile learn how to paint shadows, midtones and create light in your artworks.

Jan 16: Individual class

Combine washes and realistic objects

Personally ask your teacher all questions you’ve got, and paint your first big artwork together. You will apply techniques you’ve learned under a teacher’s guidance.

Jan 18: Online class

Explore a color wheel

Learn the difference between traditional and new color wheel. Apply rules of mixing colors using color wheels. This (& extra exercises) will help you understand colors and tones even better!

January 21 to 28

lessons week 04

Jan 21: Online class

Intro to perspective

How to draw perspective on paper easy & simple. Main rules and techniques to understand the concept. Simple exercises to back up the theory.

Jan 23: Online class

Beautiful sunrise: apply your skills

Final online lesson where you will apply washes, layers, use various watercoloring techniques, paint realistic objects and create a beautiful artwork.

Jan 25: Individual class with a teacher

First portrait

Come to your final class of the course prepared, ask questions and use the chance to fill in the gaps. Together with your teacher paint a cute pet portrait in watercolor you will be proud to hang on the wall!

Graduation party, yay!

Let’s celebrate our success in watercolor all together over drinks! 28 of January we will meet for the last time to present your Grand project to the group, discuss your impressions from the course, exchange ideas and feedbacks and just hang out in a nice place! 

material requirements

The only way to understand watercolor and improve the skills, is to practice a lot! In fact, with this crash course you will be painting every day: together in a class and on your own at home. That’s why we require you to have your own art materials.
Here is a list of basic materials you will need in this course:

  • Watercolor set (student or professional grade). Minimum 6 colors (pans or tubes). Palette to mix colors (plastic, metal).
  • Set of round brushes: size #1, size #3, size #8 (minimum 3 brushes, better more). Synthetic (at least 1-2 brushes) and natural (squirrel, sable). Additionally: flat brush, rigger, mob.
  • Watercolor paper: 200-300gsm, cold or hot pressed. Prepare 2 blocks (albums) of paper: celullose for practice and dry techniques (200gsm) and 100% cotton paper for wet-on-wet techniques and multi-layered artworks.
  • Additional materials: Soft pencil (HB), eraser, ruler, white gel pen, masking liquid, tape for watercolor, soft paper tissues

After you sign up, we will open you an access to 3 video lessons with detailed explanation of papers, brushes, paints, and recommendations of best brands to choose from. So you can make an educated choice when buying your art materials!


We can handle the materials for you

If you don’t have or don’t want to manage the required materials to participate in the course, we can have the set ready for you. Choose this option at the sign-up :).

What our students say


It was a first time I tried watercolor, and I am happy it looks like a photo reference, it was a lot due to Yana’s help. She explained different techniques and how to mix colors, what brushes to use for different textures. I really look forward to try it again!

Regular attendee

The best about the workshop, above meeting all these great people, is that Yana gives me so much confidence, real focus when coming to the classes every week and practicing at home!


It was a beautiful workshop from Yana. It was my first time creating a watercolor painting. We learned special techniques of using colors, and painted a landscape together. Thank you so much for this experience!

Regular attendee

I came to Yana’s classes to learn how to express myself in a more colorful way. And it is so much fun, and Yana is so supportive. I love the whole process!

About your teacher

Yana is a Ukrainian watercolor artist, and full-time traveler. She lived in Thailand, Bali, Vietnam, Colombia, France, Spain, Greece and visited more than 20 countries. All the travels and people inspired her to capture adventures in watercolor. Yana has been hosting watercolor events and workshops in different cities for over 2 years now. She specializes in realistic watercolor art and loves teachnig painting. Both beginners and advanced artists are welcomed at her classes!

Only 10 seats available, book today!

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How do I know my watercolor level is good for this crash course?

This course is for an absolute novice who never tried watercoloring before or have very limited experience. You will learn everything, from holding the brush to making first layers and shapes. If you already have been painting in watercolor for a while, we suggest you to wait for our next course which we will roll out soon. But don’t worry, when you click “book my seat” we’ll offer a quick questionnaire to help you define your level in watercolor to make sure you get most benefit out of it 😉

What is the location of the workshops?

As we work with several places in Chiang Mai, and don’t want to reveal the locations publicly, you will receive the location upon registration. But rest assured that our location for the group and individual classes will be in Nimman area.

At what time does the session start?

Group class will be held in the morning, from 10AM. If any change/update, we will notify you by email.

How do you handle the individual classes?

The teacher will contact each student personally to discuss most convenient time and location for the private class. Usually privates are held in a nice coffeeshop with a garden and lots of light.

Do you provide the art materials if I don't have any?

Yes we do, we can provide you with all the necessary materials you need to participate. Just choose this option at sign-up stage

Can I buy my materials myself in Chiang Mai?

Certainly you can, we recommend two shops: Sumadlana art supplies (https://goo.gl/maps/oR1CtJrnRsQ2) and the store in Maya mall on the third floor.

Do you prefer a private watercolor lesson?

Yana offers private classes where you can learn any topic you need or want, cover all the gaps in watercolor and ask any question. The class will be tailored personally for you. Such an individual approach gives the best results and you will see improvement already after your first session. Choose any day and time to practice watercolor at your own pace.

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