Learn watercolor painting for beginners

 We created an exclusive 30 videos  lessons course to teach you all the basics of watercolor painting. No skills needed you can start today!

If you have never painted in watercolor before

 If you don’t know where to start from, this course will give you best introduction to this beautiful media along with some fun exercises to perform, at your own pace.

Learn from a professional watercolor artist

Yana is a watercolor artist with about 10 years of experience behind her back. She’s tried different techniques and approaches to watercolor. She hosted weekly workshops in Thailand, organized classes and art-events in different countries of Asia and Europe, and also teaches watercolor online.

Access 30 fun videos lessons

Each class has a topic which explains basic techniques or main tools, which are all very important to know to be able consciously use watercolors. These simple classes will build the foundations of the medium so you can paint with confident and discover your own style.

First level beginner watercolor video lessons

Novice class


Never hold a brush before? Don’t know how to control water? Or why is it important? This class if perfect for to start with!

Choose your watercolor set


In this lesson we discuss different types and brands of paint. Overview of brands we use on a daily basis, Learn paints content, pigment differences etc…

Choose your perfect brush


In this lesson you will see the difference between different types of brushes and create your own set. Overview of natural brushes: goat, sable, squirrel, horse etc..

Choose your perfect paper


In this lesson we will talk in depth about different paper brands and how to choose the best for your specific painting: Overview of watercolor paper brands etc…

Your work setup


Take a look at our work set up and get ready to prepare your art supplies before diving into painting. In this class you will see what paper and watercolor we use (…)

Exercise: Learn your palette


In this lesson we will explore different features of watercolor paints such as transparency, opacity, ability to mix and stain. Watch glazing technique used to identify qualities of “White Nights” watercolor set etc…

Color wheels: Traditional & New


In this class we will speak about color wheel, the history of its transformation and how we can use it to create harmonious paintings. What is additive color and subtractive color etc…

Color theory & Mixing rules


In this lesson we will discuss color theory and mixing rules based on both traditional and new color wheels. Explore mixing rules based on Itten CW and create color schemes etc…

Tones & Density


Explore tonal abilities of different hues (colors) of your watercolor set and paint the tonal chart with us. Use your knowledge from the previous class about mixing colors and create darker tones using rule of mixing complementary colors.

Understanding light & shadow


In this class we talk about ways to create three-dimensional objects on paper and crucial role of light and shadow in this process. How light and shadow affects our perception of volume, space and perspective…

Second level watercolor video lessons

Exercise: three-dimensional apple


In this lesson we will paint a realistic apple on 100% cotton paper using the knowledge from previous classes.

Exercise: Washing techniques (sunset)


In this lesson we will repeat what we’ve learned about washes and paint a beautiful sunset in wet-on-wet technique.

Main watercolors techniques


In this lesson we talk about 12 watercolor techniques which we often use in our work. Much more techniques available out there but here we discuss the most common and useful ones.

Exercise: Exotic sunset


In this lesson you will practice wet-on-wet and glazing techniques while creating gradated washes.You will use additional tools such as a white gel pen to preserve white space.

Main watercolors rules


In this class we talk about most important features and abilities of watercolor that you should keep in your mind when painting.

Main watercolor mistakes


This is a quick overview of common mistakes students make based on observations from watercolor workshops Yana used to organize.

Exercise: Paint a bird


In this class you will paint a colorful bird step by step mostly in wet on dry technique. Using knowledge about mixing colors we will create a draft color scheme of main colors and tones for this painting.

Exercise: Grisaille technique (Vietnamese landscape)


In this class we will not only repeat all we’ve learned about tones and how to create volume using different tones, but we will apply this knowledge in a real painting.

Exercise: Yummy Papaya


This is just a relaxing and fun painting where you get to practice wet-on-wet techniques, work on volumes and repeat your knowledge of warm and cool colors when painting yummy papaya.

Exercise: White on white (Swan)


In this class we will learn how to paint white color without using white paint. We’ll start from exploring color mixing, figure out how to mix perfect grey tone and practice creating tones of grey with different colors inside.

Third level beginner watercolor video lessons

Exercise: Negative space (Flowers)


In this course you will learn what negative space is, how to paint it and explore various ways of using this technique in different situations.

Exercise: Dreamy poppies


This is a great class to learn how to let go, relax and paint loose. Here we are not focused on details or realism, we focus on emotions, colors & tones.

Exercise: Water reflection


If you have never painted in watercolor before and don’t know where to start from, this class will give you best introduction to this beautiful media along with some fun exersises to perform!

Exercise: Pancake


In this class we will explore the difference between fine art and illustration, and try to create our very own realistic illustration.

Exercise: Starfish


In this class you will discover new interesting techniques on painting water effects. Here you will use “lifting pigment” technique…

Exercise: Mulled wine in a glass


This class will demonstrate main aspects of painting realistic glass. You will understand how to create shining glossy effects, how colors of the drink change when behind the glass…

Exercise: Wave


In this class you will explore how to create realistic wave, paint reflections of the water and work with color combinations to recreate color of reflected light on the wave.

Exercise: Advanced Wet-on-wet Technique


In this class we will explore more advanced way of using wet-on-wet technique. We’ll begin from applying clear water on both sides of you paper sheet to make sure the paper is soaking wet.

Exercise: Perspective Italian street


In this class we will discuss 1 point, 2 point linear perspective & aerial perspective. You will practice drawing objects in 1-or 2-point perspective, observe the differences and see the examples for better understanding.

Exercise: Pug portrait


In this class we will combine most of the techniques we’ve learned earlier. We will build the skin tones by apply multiple layers and deepen the color.

We love our students

What they say about us

I rarely write reviews but this one deserves a special note. Learned a great deal from Yana and Lesly’s classes. The instructions are very easy and engaging. When they are teaching, they talk from the shoes of a learner rather than an expert. Highly recommend these classes to any aspirant watercolor artist.
Samiha Chowdhury

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I have checked many beginners tutorials on YouTube but this course is much better because it is very structured and easy to follow, with great explanations and examples and real feedback form the community AND the teachers. You start to see your progress right away. Some things that didn’t make sense to me before just clicked thanks to these lessons. I no longer feel frustrated with the medium and I really enjoy the learning process.
Kristina Borisova

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

If you want to learn watercolors in an easy and fun way this is the place to go! Whether you are an absolute beginner or already have some experience, there will be lessons that suit you. I really like the way Yana explains the techniques, she makes practice go easy. She is also able to teach you the basic rules in a engaging way so you will understand them! I would definitely recommend this course! ?❤️
Cindy Kunnen

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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